We are R&DO ltd.

Research, planning, creating, and maintaining enterprise software systems, web-based applications, and integrated ICT solutions are the areas of expertise for RNDO, a Cyprus-based company.

The company’s primary focus is on providing digital campaigns and solutions and educational online platforms that support young and adult learners in developing their skills and contribute to their vocational training for employability. RNDO encourages innovation and growth in a number of industries, with a focus on soft skills, ICT, and entrepreneurship.

With a focus on environmental sustainability and technology innovation, RNDO seeks to make a long-lasting good difference in the digital and physical environment.


To be a major player in advancing digital innovation and change throughout Europe by utilizing state-of-the-art tools, clever marketing tactics, and the smooth assimilation of new trends, all while supporting the blue economy and environmental sustainability.


Our goal is to empower European Union organizations and initiatives by offering cutting-edge digital platforms, creative digital campaigns, and all-encompassing digital transformation solutions. With a strong dedication to environmental protection and the expansion of the blue economy, we strive to stay at the forefront of technology advancements and industry trends in order to produce meaningful and long-lasting outcomes for our clients.


RNDO is committed to encouraging the sustainable use of resources by incorporating environmentally friendly methods. In order to make sure that our digital innovations have a beneficial impact on environmental preservation, we actively integrate sustainability concepts into our projects and solutions. Our emphasis on the blue economy demonstrates our dedication to protecting maritime environments and fostering sustainable economic development.

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