In our 13 years of operation, we have come to the successul completion of numorous projects, with many different partners from around the world.

Following, is a list of all of the projects that R&DO has been a part of, along with a link to their respective website, which you can visit to learn more information.

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Introduces “in silico” supported prevention, detection and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approaches for both new and emerging Fruit Flies, based on spatial modelling across a wide range of spatial levels, novel decision support systems, and new knowledge regarding biological traits of the target species, fruit trading and socioeconomics.
De-gendering blue economy sectors by promoting employability, professional involvement, and entrepreneurial development of women in water-based blue economy sectors.
Creating a data protection culture among SMEs GDPR training for business consultants
Supporting the transition of veteran and retired athletes to new careers in employment and entrepreneurship
Activating soft skills in short-term work-based mobilities for young people
Digital skills for journalists working in media departments.
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